Shield was contracted to evaluate cost-effective design options to repair and rehabilitate 10 existing stormwater ponds located throughout a large tract of private properties. Estimated at over 40 years old, these ponds showed signs of deteriorating concrete side walls, leaking outfall risers, failing inlet and outlet pipes, and eroding embankments.

Shield evaluated the existing outfall risers and, based on the existing drainage routs, calculated if the design would contain the 100-Year, SCS 24-Hour design storm. When a pond was proven to succumb to the elements, Shield made proposed adjustments to the pond’s design to avoid overfilling.

During implementation, all existing risers were allowed to stay in place to avoid the costly construction of new risers and connections. Shield also designed two separate alternatives to replace the existing concrete side walls: replacement of existing stairs, splash pads, and equipment ramps with like concrete and replacement of the side walls with a less-costly geomembrane material alternative.


By implementing various design techniques, Shield was able to keep the overall configuration of ponds intact and make use of existing risers to keep grading and construction costs low. By comparing two side slope options through a cost/benefit analysis, Shield allowed the client to choose the geomembrane liner to better suit their allocated budget for the project at hand.


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