Shield was contracted to design and construct an oil containment system surrounding five transformer pads on the downstream side of a hydroelectric dam. This system would collect and transport oil to an oil-water separator in the event of a spill, reducing the risk of environmental contamination and its effects on local area wildlife. With decades of environmental engineering experience, Shield Engineering’s team worked to outstanding service, taking a hands-on approach that our client had full confidence in.

Our team performed quality assurance inspections during the construction of the project. Due to difficulty accessing the project’s downstream area to assess impact and measure results, our team worked to ensure that the intended service life of the project would be met. Shield’s inspections team was also tapped to perform inspections of reinforced concrete, structural steel, piping, and foundation in addition to the field testing of lightweight concrete. Not only was our team successful in our design and development endeavors, but Shield’s engineering professionals inspected each element to ensure that the project was completed in accordance with government regulations and industry standards.


Shield’s multi-disciplined experience in geotechnical engineering provided our client with a variety of construction quality assurance inspection and testing services. By combining our past expertise and tapping into our in-house engineering resources, we were able to spare the client the burden of hiring multiple consultants to develop a simplified route to accessing comprehensive services for their projects. While accessing certain areas of the project was difficult and borderline impossible, specific calculations and expert preparation allowed our team to appropriately plan and develop a solution that met the client’s needs while also providing expert environmental protection to contain any potential spills that could leave a devastating impact on the region. Through proper due diligence, hands-on experience, and pinpoint calculations, Shield Engineering delivered a final product that helped the client achieve their goal of meeting industry standards while also protecting the surrounding environment.


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