As a multi-skilled engineering firm, clients across a variety of industries have partnered with Shield to help design, improve, and create solutions for their unique needs. Explore our most recent work to learn more about how our team tackled each task and provided the best results fit for each client.

Residential Bunker

Shield's team was contacted to create a below-grade residential bunker, conducting feasibility assessments and developing a design that created a safe and structurally sound final product for the client.

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Retaining Wall

Shield was contracted to design and develop a retaining wall along a newly-constructed residential property. Our team came together to combine utility and aesthetic, developing a wall that enhanced the not only protected the home, but enhanced its look.

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Oil Containment System

Shield’s team was chosen to design and construct an oil containment system, performing quality assurance inspections and ensuring that all areas of the project were structurally sound and prepared for the future.

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Equipment Wash Bay Facility

Shield partnered with a Class I Railroad Company to create an equipment was bay structure, ensuring that drainage was directed into the proper drainage system while performing inspections to keep the project up to code.

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Abandoned Landfill Site

Shield partnered with regulatory officials to acquire permits and perform sampling to test for potentially hazardous waste at the abandoned landfill and a nearby stream, ensuring the health and safety of local residents in a newly-constructed mobile home park.

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Sound Study for Proposed Firing Range Sites

Shield was retained by the NCWRC to perform sound studies ahead of the construction of a firing range near a residential area, ensuring that the quality of life of local residents wouldn’t be impacted by the operations of the new business.

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Stormwater Pond Rehabilitation

Shield was contracted to evaluate and develop cost-effective designs to perform repairs on multiple stormwater ponds across a private property, testing their efficacy against the 100-Year SCS 24-Hour design storm and improving the designs as necessary.

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Real Estate Development Inspections / Compliance

Shield’s engineering team designs remediation systems that are compliant with each state’s environmental regulations, conducting audits and documenting processes to ensure that all operations comply with requirements and are up to date.

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