STRUCTURAL-ENGINEERING-SHIELD-ENGINEERING.jpgShield’s structural engineers have over 20 years of design experience with single- and multi-story residential, industrial, commercial, and multi-family buildings comprised of steel, light gauge metal framing (LGMF), timber, and concrete elements. 

In addition to new buildings, Shield’s structural engineering team designs bridges and bridge elements, large headwalls or wing walls, large culverts and associated stormwater structures. Shield Engineering also specializes in design of reinforced concrete slabs, foundations, pre-cast building components, retaining walls, and concrete frame systems.

Over the course of a structure’s life, beams, trusses, chords, and load-bearing walls can be cut, broken, damaged, burned, or in some manner, compromised. Shield’s structural engineers provide forensic evaluations and individual design solutions for these problems to ensure your facility is structurally sound.


Shield's Structural Areas of Expertise

  • Structural Design of Bridges and Bridge Elements
  • Railway Design
  • Manufacturing Systems and Process
  • Site Engineering Design and Planning
  • Architectural/Building Systems
  • Timber, Masonry, Cold-Formed Steel, Structural Steel, Tapered Web, and Concrete Structural Design
  • 3D Modeling and Design
  • Design and Application of Pre-Stressed Hollow-Core Floor Panels
  • Design and Application of Composite Concrete Decking, Concrete, and LGMF Curtain and Load-Bearing Wall Systems
  • Advanced Analysis of Building Systems for Multi-Story and Single-Story Buildings Using Various Software Platforms for Both Static and Dynamic Loading Conditions


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