Shield’s skilled engineers, geologists, and technicians are highly trained to help clients evaluate and stabilize subsurface conditions at project sites. For our clients, Geotechnical Engineering expertise means improved foundation design, faster construction time, lower costs, reduced delays, and a better understanding of potential risks. 


Foundation Design

Shield Engineering provides foundation design services that help you determine both project suitability and cost. If you’re planning to build on unsuitable soil, you’ll need an appropriate and stable design. Some of our projects have included hotels, government and commercial buildings, power transmission towers, public works/utilities, and residential developments.

Shield regularly provides typical Foundation Design services such as:

  • Shallow and spread foundation design
  • Mat foundations
  • Helical piers
  • Caissons (drilled shafts) or timber piles
  • Micropiles
  • Driven Piles

Retaining Wall Design

Properly engineering a project from the start is always the most cost-effective route which is why Shield places great importance on proper retaining wall construction and maintenance. Foundation failures, whether structures or retaining walls can result in cracks, settlement, or catastrophic failure but our engineers are trained to locate the problem, investigate the failure, and recommend an appropriate corrective action.

Shield's retaining wall design services typically include:

  • Extensive review of all available project information
  • In-field investigation of subsurface
  • Lab analysis of soil and design elements
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Subsurface Investigation & Stabilization

Shield’s engineers are frequently called on to perform subsurface investigations for projects of all sizes. Subsurface investigations are critical for determining soil quality for support of the proposed project and consistency of material across the project site. We work on residential properties, commercial structures, multi-story government facilities, power transmission lines, new utility lines, and many others.

When necessary, subsurface stabilization of both materials and structures may be required to effectively complete a project. Shield also works regularly on projects requiring corrective action for an impending failure due to unstable subsurface materials. Our geotechnical engineers are ready to apply the latest technology and extensive expertise to provide you with a range of technically sound, cost-effective solutions.


Structural Design

When a building is constructed with a specific use in mind (i.e., as an office building), it may not be structurally feasible to turn it into something different (i.e., a library.) Shield evaluates existing buildings to confirm proposed new use for the building will not compromise the structural integrity. Additionally, over the course of a structure’s life, beams, trusses, chords, load bearing walls, and more can be cut, broken, damaged, burned, or in some manner, compromised. Let Shield’s structural engineers provide individual design solutions for these problems to ensure your facility is structurally sound.

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Geotechnical Engineering is a complex and multi-faceted process no matter what size job you’re working on. If you’ve got questions about your project site or want to learn more about Shield’s many successful applications of cutting-edge stabilization techniques, give our engineers a call today.