Real Estate Development Inspections/Compliance Audits

Real Estate Development Inspections/Compliance Audits

Shield’s comprehensive engineering support services for land development and construction provides clients’ access to registered Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Scientists knowledgeable in construction materials and practices.

Shield’s design engineers have designed site remediation systems compliant with state environmental requirements, enabling mixed use development of underutilized properties.

Shield has conducted systems audits, documenting construction progress and compliance, enabling our clients to satisfy both financing and state environmental requirements. Shield’s activities have included design of vapor collection systems for mixed use and apartment development, mold, asbestos and radon evaluation and compliance documentation in support of these projects, and verification of compliance with specific site development requirements.

Shield’s extensive experience in real estate construction and transaction support enables our clients to comply with specific site development requirements by providing written documentation through on-site audits of construction practices and adherence to plans, specifications and state environmental directives.

Our expertise enables our clients to successfully meet construction requirements, comply with site specific development and environmental requirements in a common sense and economically viable and responsible manner.