Abandoned Landfill Site, Spindale, North Carolina

Abandoned Landfill Site, Spindale, North Carolina


The site was an abandoned landfill once used by the Town of Spindale that received Municipal waste as well as waste from nearby industries. A mobile home park was situated on the landfill at the time of Shield’s evaluation. Shield negotiated with regulatory officials and a Work Plan was approved.

Shield’s scope of services consisted of obtaining access agreements from property owners to enter the property to conduct sampling. The Plan included conducting strategically placed exploratory test pits targeting specific layers within the landfill to sample for potential hazardous wastes. A sampling program of stream sediments and surface water in the adjacent stream was also implemented. The work was performed using IHSB guidance for sampling protocol and QA/QC measures.


Through technical demonstration, Shield was able to successfully have their client removed from the record as a responsible party to this site.