“Shield Engineering has consistently provided outstanding construction documentation, contractor oversight and management, and excellent record keeping as a standard for all our environmental and stormwater projects.” – Senior Environmental Engineer, Design & Construction Department, Norfolk Southern Corporation


“As always thanks for your help. If there was an award like an Oscar or something, I'd give it to you guys (Action) for professional vendor of the year and I mean that. I don't know what I'd do without you guys being on top of everything we throw at you.“ - Insurance Claim Representative


“The selection of sites was preceded by Shield completing a risk assessment and ranking for all 18 sites, including an ecological risk assessment completed by Shield. The Shield team, led by David Stoner with field work directed/completed by Danny Hefner, did an excellent job managing these RCRA sites to completion in a timely and cost-efficient manner.” - Shield client


“After being in this wastewater treatment business for over 20 years I have been to numerous training sessions, this session was one of the most informative and entertaining I have ever attended.” - Attendee at Shield Training