Meet our team


Robert L. Griffin, P.E. – President / Chief Executive Officer

Bob has been involved in the environmental field for more than 38 years as a chemist, regulator, and engineering consultant.

His experience includes a wide variety of wastewater treatment and analytical chemistry associated with operation and compliance monitoring for both industrial and domestic facilities. He was responsible for the development and implementation of a major pretreatment program, which included developing inspection, monitoring, data review, legal foundations, permitting, and enforcement processes for a major southeast municipality. As a consultant, he has performed numerous pollution prevention and general environmental audits, procured Air, Water, Wastewater and Hazardous Waste Permits for clients and assisted in the design and selection of pretreatment alternatives and equipment.

Bob has been an instructor at many levels training wastewater treatment plant operators, Department of Justice attorneys, engineers and public officials on a variety of environmental topics from water and wastewater security to legal responsibilities of certified operators. As a member of the North Carolina Wastewater Board Of Education and Examiners, Bob has served as the liaison to the North Carolina Wastewater Pollution Control System Operator Certification Commission for three years.



Keith A. Anthony, P.E. – Chief Engineer

Keith has over 31 years of experience assisting industrial, commercial, and municipal clients with their civil and environmental needs. As the Chief Engineer, Keith is responsible for the quality verification functions within the office and conducts all internal office audits and other quality verification activities.

Keith’s project-specific experience includes construction quality control for thin shell steel structures at nuclear facilities, soils and geo-membrane construction quality control and quality assurance at municipal and industrial landfills, and tenure as the Quality Assurance Officer for Shield’s work on the Environmental Management & Integration Contract at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Keith has considerable experience working on large site development and civil projects. He was Project Engineer for a $100 million site development project involving water distribution, wastewater collection, and infrastructure development. He has also performed feasibility studies for remediation of hazardous waste sites, as well as the development of Part A and Part B hazardous waste permits.



David A. Stoner, P.G., P.E., RSM – Vice President, Action Environmental Group Manager

David is a Principal Hydrogeologist and Group Leader with over 25 years of environmental and geotechnical experience. David has worked on Phase I’s and II’s UST projects, spills, as well as multi-million dollar RCRA, EE/LA, NTCRA, and RI/FS CERCLA projects.

He manages wide a variety of projects including underground storage tanks (UST) investigations and cleanups, highway spills, environmental compliance, remedial investigations, and oversees multi-million dollar remediation efforts at industrial facilities. He has managed Field, Assessment, Environmental, Industrial, and Hazardous Waste Groups. David currently manages the Action Environmental Group (Action) at Shield which specializes in assisting the transportation and insurance industry with spills, cleanups, and insurance claims.



Raymond Tant, P.E. – Branch Manager (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Ray serves as Principal Engineer and Branch Manager for Shield's Knoxville, Tennessee operations. Ray has extensive geotechnical engineering experience in multi-story reinforced concrete and steel structures, wastewater treatment plants, stadium expansions, and cellular towers. Additional experience includes subsurface explorations specializing in forensic sinkhole investigations, soil resistivity studies, slope stability analyses, construction monitoring and testing, and foundation investigation and design.



Thomas W. Witner, P.G. – Environmental Department Manager

Tom has 27 years of diversified experience in environmental assessment and environmental strategy as well as corrective action in a variety of regulatory arenas. His experience includes soil and groundwater contamination assessments, remedial action evaluation and implementation, RCRA Facility Investigations and RCRA Closures, environmental health and safety audits, permitting, multi-site UST management programs including closure evaluation and replacement, litigation support, environmental due diligence, waste management, and asbestos and lead based paint evaluations. Tom has worked in a variety of sites including refineries, bulk storage terminals, steel smelting, aggregates, retail petroleum, textiles dyeing and finishing, wood treating, metal fabrication and plating and commercial non-industrial properties.



Mark C. Boland, P.E. – Engineering Department Manager

Mark has 27 years in the management of civil and environmental engineering projects ranging from infrastructure and industrial capital improvement projects to commercial site development to environmental permitting, compliance and remediation of environmental sites. He has recently managed the engineering design, permitting and construction oversight of several infrastructure-related projects. His environmental remediation experience includes conventional groundwater pump and treat with either discharge permitted through NPDES or local POTW, dual-phase extraction, free product recovery, chemical feed addition, air sparge and soil vapor extraction. Mark has worked on the successful remediation of numerous sites with contaminants including petroleum fuels, machine and hydraulic oils, solvents and metals.

Mark’s experience includes over 5 years of general construction management with the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps. Projects, which were located at Naval Air Station Keflavik, Iceland, Naval Base Yokosuka, Japan and other locations in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, ranged from maintenance and repair projects, such as barracks renovations and road repairs to new construction, including a $1.4 million dollar Air Force Finance Facility, $3.5 million dollar airfield taxiway extension, and a $90+ million dollar NATO Fueling Facility.